Maserati Kubang

What was missing from Maserati? It is true that models the brand has got perfect, but the brand did not have an SUV. Now it has been decided and will release something extraordinary: the Maserati Kubang.

This beautiful SUV you sure brings back memories, since it showed a prototype in 2003 than expected since then. And Maserati brings to the market with features worthy of merit badge trident.

While Maserati went to market SUVs prepared a better, more luxury and better performance. Preparing a V8 petrol engine and a diesel V6, both with many cv. In value of just over € 100,000, this car is ready to conquer the market.

The new Maserati Kubgan will be available in 2012 and expected a good sale. As the first SUV brand has worked out a model very competent. Clearly we would like since it is a true Maserati.


Maserati Kubang


Maserati has given little information about the ins and equating this beautiful engine. But we think they will be rather large engines. And it's still better that way, and leave us in doubt until we unveil the great information.

Dara much to talk about when you start driving on our roads, mountains and roads. Looking at this Kubang shows considerable alloy wheels and some aspects not seen in Maserati. Attractive and elegant, but above all a trident with the same character as their families. For Maserati is delivered to the maximum for each model.

The headlights of the new model that has brand are nothing new, is like a ray of light cast by a new one. And also comes with tinted windows to give that touch of elegance it deserves every one. Apart from this body has a very aggressive and sure to protect us in case of accident.

In terms of content security for the Maserati Kubang have ABS and airbags as standard. And a couple of additions that do not want to reveal the manufacturer. What we know is that the picture shows this SUV would like more than one.

Maserati engine Kubang

Although not yet revealed the exact engine that will equip the new Maserati Kubang, is suspected to be on a 400 hp V8 engine for the gasoline, taking into account the other engines that often fit this brand. The big news is that it will also have a diesel option, which could have a 250 hp, definitely something to mark what we have so used, always offering high-powered engines exclusively for gasoline.


Price Maserati Kubang

The price will be calculated Kuban Maserati between 100,000 € to 120,000 €, an amount will be increased depending on the extras that we can equip. It is true that a high price compared to other SUVs, but we must take into account the unique mechanics that offers the prestigious Maserati.

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Maserati Kubang

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