To discuss of the Maserati Kubang engine (what can not be said of an engine that comes from this brand?) Let's start by lovers of gasoline. This new SUV has a spectacular V8 engine that does not have a few hp, but the opposite has an incredible power that is exciting when driving, stimulates all the senses of man.

And for lovers of diesel, the Maserati Kubang has prepared an impressive V6 engine that will give plenty to talk about these two engines will be the attraction of the moment, the popular amusement parks next to fall short of the two engines so powerful that move this new vehicle as only this Italian manufacturer is able to achieve.

The Maserati Kubang V6 diesel engine will be from 250 hp, but is information that has yet to reveal the brand. As for gasoline, it is a V8 engine which is expected at least about 400 hp that will perfectly satisfy our need for more sporting. We expect a unique experience at the wheel of the Maserati as effective engines of Kubang.


Maserati Kubang Engine


What we see in very little, patience is what we have and engine power will do the rest, our ear is coming little by little the sound of a v6 or v8 that destroys the road with impressive power.

From now one you will remember that an SUV has to have a motor like this, but not the same. Of course not the same but an SUV in this class you can only find big brands.

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Maserati Kubang

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