Before all the details about the Maserati Kubang interior  must say that this manufacturer surprises us getting an SUV, something new in this brand. Aside from its sleek exterior image, we will focus more on the inside. We can admire a great simplicity, where we can find the ultimate luxury.

We see a large image in leather, in keeping with the seats dressed in leather. A large interior finish strikes us almost more than the outside. In this model we can see clearly, unmatched in beauty luxury.

Looking at individual air conditioning can cool or heat the car in much less than other cars. Besides the beauty of this car is not only elegant but also can be chosen in sport mode. With the finish for those who love sports sportsmanship.


Maserati Kubang Interior


The onboard computer is something that is much help, controlling the car radio, both calls and air conditioning. It should be appreciated that Maserati has simplified the inside to make it more comfortable to drive.

Can be ordered with tinted windows or normal. Like you can choose from different finishes, from the simplest to the most complex. With a capacity of 5 beds, very comfortable. Certainly better finish leather, adding a touch of glamor in the car.

We wanted a Maserati Kubang interior that apart from being pretty good inside out, because we will not only enjoy those who see it. We like to enjoy inside our car.

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Maserati Kubang

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